Losing Abdominal Fat With Foods For Fuel

Losing Abdominal Fat With Foods For Fuel

Once you know how to listen to what your body wants, you must then interpret the cravings to give your body what it needs to start losing abdominal fat.

For example if you get a craving for some pizza, chances are that your body is really asking for the tomato sauce part of the pizza. Knowing this you could simply have some healthy logo soup, tomato juice or even a fresh tomato salad.

When you get cravings for healthy foods such as watermelon or broccoli, then you should go right ahead and indulge! The problem is most people tend to crave for things that really love to eat which are not so healthy.

Keep in mind that MSG can cause people to have cravings for foods that their body does not really need. If you can not get off MSG entirely then at least try to cut it down.

If you get cravings for something like strawberry cheesecake then it may very well be that your body is really asking for the strawberries. Try and have some fresh strawberries and if after a while you still crave the cheesecake then simply have a small slice.

You must remember to not emigrate yourself of everything, because this will lead to you quitting your plan to lose abdominal fat. It is the main reason why strict diets do not work very well. You need to set up a healthy eating plan that you can use for life. It is much easier to stay on track by simply rewarding yourself from time to time, just remember to not over do it!

So, in order to start to lose tummy fat you must have a basic understanding of what was once the 4 food groups but is now known as the 6 food groups. The USDA has devised a way of dividing these food groups into a pyramid.

At the base of this pyramid is the group that contains exports, grains, and other starchy food such as potatoes. It is believed that this is the group that you should eat the most of, 6 to 11 serves per day. Just be careful to recognize what a serve is as this group will provide the most carbohydrates that can raise your blood sugar levels. It is best to stick to whole grains and back off on the more starchy foods like potatoes.

Be aware of portion sizes in this group. For example a slice of bread would be 1 serve, where as a thick slice of bread would count as 2 serves and a six inch sub would be approximately 3 serves.

On the next level of the pyramid are the fruits and vegetables. The ideal amount of serves in this group is about 3 to 5 serves of vegetables and a typical serve would be about 1 cup of raw or cooked vegetables. The recommended serves for fruit is 2 to 4 serves where 1 serve would be a small fresh fruit or a cup of canned fruit.

The next level on the pyramid has the dairy and protein group. You should be getting at least 2 to 3 serves of dairy per day and if you can make these low fat, then all the better. These serves could include things such as yogurt, milk or ice cream.

Proteins include things like meats, seafood, eggs, cheese and even peanut butter, and yes cheese is considered as a protein rather than a dairy! The ideal amount of protein is about 4 to 6 ounces per day and preferably low fat varieties such as low fat cottage cheese and trim cuts of meat.

The final group of the pyramid includes fats, sweets and alcohol. This is the group you should try and keep to a minimum. Just keep in mind that your body needs some fats but not an excess amount and especially in the form of carbohydrates which will lead to obesity.

When you are planning on losing abdominal fat you should only have a maximum of 1 to 2 serves per day from this group.

In order to keep track of everything and the amount of serves per day, try and write up a menu for yourself including your food groups and amount of serves. This way it will be easier to stay on track and not get sick and tired of trying to keep track of everything!

A good menu would include snacks in between your main meals for the day. This will keep you eating something every 3 to 4 hours or so. This is very effective as it keeps you from getting hungry.

Remember that when planning on losing abdominal fat, that you can indulge sometimes too. This will help keep you in the game. Do not eat anything out of the bag, instead grab a handy and put it in a bowl. This will help you to not over do it!

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